The concepts of the humanities in the application.

Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts of the
humanities in the application. You will use these concepts to deepen your impressions and interpretations of works of architecture. This “Writing for the Humanities” document includes useful guidance on how to
balance sourced material and also share your own impressions.
Select two works of architecture from within your city, county, or state. The works of architecture may be buildings, bridges, or monuments. All communities have architectural structures — from rural areas to large cities. You do not need to have seen the works of architecture yourself, but they should be structures that
are within your state as this will help you to focus on the ways these works of architecture are a part of your
personal, local experiences.
You will analyze these creative expressions in light of what you have learned from the reading content and information in this unit. This gives you a chance to share your perspective, express your point of view, and
demonstrate how the readings helped you to see these works in a new way.
One at a time, you will describe each selected work and explain how it demonstrates at least one concept
from the unit reading or other research on architecture.
Part I:
Describe the first selected work of architecture from your area. You should describe the structure in detail.
You are welcome to include photos but do still offer the description. Explain what you see as though
readers of your paper have not seen this structure.
Explain at least one architectural concept from the reading. Use and cite the source to help define what the concept is, then explain what you think might be the purpose or importance of this concept. Why is this concept important when it comes to architecture? Add an explanation of the concept, as well as your interpretation of what the concept means.
Connect the selected work of architecture to the concept. How do you see the structure demonstrating the concept? Explain where you see the ideas in application. How does the structure show the concept? How does an understanding of the concept deepen your analysis of the work of architecture? Give examples of
what may have changed in your understanding.
Part II:
You will follow the same steps 1, 2, and 3 with the second work of architecture. Be sure to highlight a different structure and a different concept from those you described in Part I.
Parts I and Part II should be submitted in the same document. The work should be at least 500 words in length and must use at least one outside source that is cited in APA style. Check the Course Documents for
“Writing for the Humanities” or visit the Writing Center for information on the use and citation of sources.

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