Mythology exercise


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NOTE: Please make certain you follow these directions

Purpose of this exercise: You will actively confront or deal with continuity or perhaps non-continuity in our culture with certain aspects of ancient Greek mythology and/or perhaps with certain aspects of some other mythological personality of another culture.

Outcome of this exercise: Once you do this task, you will know that the ancient Greek gods and/or goddesses (or those from other cultures as well) still have a presence in today’s world—or perhaps not; you will also understand their continuing albeit at times changed role and involvement in our 21st century world.

Here’s your task:

1) Pick of ONE ancient Greek god or goddess or ‘godlet’. It can be an Olympian, a Titan, a pre-Titan, one we discussed in class or perhaps one we haven’t (yet) discussed or mentioned. Or perhaps a mythological personality from another ANCIENT culture. Your choice. State who it is.

2) By checking your notes, Apollodorus, the www site named in your syllabus, Wikipedia, and/or some other source, tell me what his or her function(s) was/were. Be brief.

•) Get into Google Images. To get a complete a spread of images as possible, you will want to UNCLICK ‘filter explicit results’ found in the “Safe Search” box in the upper right hand corner of the Google Search page.

3) Quickly view (or slowly if you choose) the images. There may be a lot of them. NOTE: Choose a somewhat modern image (from the 1700’s till the present), one that is NOT from the ancient, medieval or Renaissance periods. Print it. Incidentally, the image you choose may be a ‘thing’ that is named after an ancient Greek or some other culture’s god or goddess. NOTE: Please be certain to include with your image the WWW site address. ALSO NOTE: If you are uncertain about whether the image you choose is from 1700 to the present, you may have to do some investigating, some research into the date of your chosen image.

4) Tell how, in your opinion, the image you chose mirrors (or perhaps does not mirror) the ancient (Greek) idea of that particular god’s or goddess’ mythical function or concept.

5) Important: Make a conclusion based on your observations. NOTE: Question 4 above is asking you to answer only how the image you chose mirrors OR doesn’t mirror the ancient concept (god, goddess, etc), whereas this question (question 5) is asking you to draw your final conclusion based on your analysis of why or even how the concept (god, goddess, etc) you chose is ‘alive’ in our culture today.

6) Please make this exercise a 1 pager plus your printed image, thereby making it a total of 2 pages, stapled together, 12 point, double spaced and with standard margins. Bulletize if you wish, but use complete sentences; no fragments or one-word entries. And, with the software available with the Word program, I expect to see no spelling or grammatical errors. Please proof read your work. NOTE: When bulletizing, please number each section 1,2,3,4, etc. following the order or sequence of the outline (paragraphs 1-5) above. The total number of your sections should, therefore, be 5.

7) Please let your imaginations soar. Our ancestors did and we humans today sure do when we imagine and render into images these ‘forces’/‘powers’ we once called gods or goddesses.


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