Eversense Implantable Glucometer Keeps Tabs on Blood Sugar Continuously for 3 Months

Eversense Implantable Glucometer Keeps Tabs on Blood Sugar Continuously for 3 Months

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POST 1 (Brandy)

The purpose of evaluating health promotions interventions is to see if the interventions put into place is the correct ones to reach the patient’s health care goals. If the goals are not being met then the this could mean other interventions need to be implemented. Another reason to evaluate them is to see if the interventions are attainable for the patient.  Not all interventions are suitable for every patient and the evaluation could help discover other ways the goals could be met. Evaluating the interventions could also show they are working and may not need to be changed at all. In other words the effectiveness and the efficacy is the main goals of monitoring a health promotion intervention (“The evaluating,” n.d.).

The information the evaluation provides is outcomes, improvement in health, and lifestyle modifications (“The evaluating,” n.d.). The information obtained can include if the client is doing well, if the interventions are cost effective, and what has been accomplished so far. The information obtained is crucial in the evaluation process to determine further teaching.

Jenna seems to be not only embarrassed by her diagnosis of diabetes but ashamed. She does not want to “get in trouble” with her mother so she is finding ways to make herself happy with eating what she wants while using her friends blood sugar readings to keep her mother happy. Using one on one teaching with Jenna does not seem to be helping. Because she is an adolescent maybe a support group with other diabetic teens could help her understand and make her feel more comfortable. It is important to target age specific interventions in order to reach the best outcomes. This may facilitate active patient involvement and yield improved results.

Using a log was not effective for Jenna because she can alter the results. Logging information on a piece of paper could have made her feel she was accomplishing her goals of a controlled blood sugar because she was able to write down whatever she wanted. Jenna could use a more technology efficient way to monitor her blood sugars. Adolescents are much better with technology than ever before.  Because of this Jenna would benefit from a way to upload her results directly to an app or phone. This will increase her accountability as well as be more user friendly to how adolescents use technology for education. The current method is not working for Jenna and should be changed to better suit her learning and education level about her diabetes.


The evaluating the effectiveness of interventions module. (n.d.). Denver College of Nursing. Retrieved from


POST 2 (Elizabeth)

In the nursing practice, you have ADPIE (assess, diagnosis, plan, implementation, and evaluation); the same is true of health promotion. In health promotion, the assessment and diagnosis are already provided, therefore you come with a plan to teach in this example Jenna about diabetes.  Jenna then goes home and implements the changes suggested (or doesn’t) when she comes back you now have to determine if your plan worked.  Maybe Jenna can’t stop eating carbs because she is stressed or hasn’t eaten enough carbs to keep her within a healthy limit.  Either way, this is information you have to know, but until you evaluate the plan for her health promotion, you won’t know. So, in short, the purpose of evaluating health promotion is to see if the plan for the patient worked effectively. Then you can proceed to make a new plan if necessary or continue with the current plan if it is working effectively.

Jenna is happy that she has lost 7 lbs. but, and seems to have her blood sugar under control, until the doctor calls her out.  The doctor informs her she has lost 4 lbs. and that her Hb A1c and the blood sugar log aren’t adding up. Jenna admits she is worried about her mother finding out that she is not following her diet well.  Therefore she is using a friend to fake her results.  One way the doctor used to evaluate the health promotion in Jenna is by looking at her results and comparing Jenna’s log information.  When the log and story don’t match up, there is proof that something needs to change. Using a record to track Jenna’s blood sugar is not an effective way to follow it.  She apparently can alter the results; perhaps they could get look into the implantable glucometers that automatically relay the information to an app on a cell phone (“Eversense”, 2018).  There also needs to be some education and counseling with the mom to help her be able to be supportive of her daughters’ needs in a way that her daughter feels it.


Eversense Implantable Glucometer Keeps Tabs on Blood Sugar Continuously for 3 Months (2018). Retrieved from


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