Due today 05/25/2016, principles of marketing test 5

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Which of the following is good advice about creating research questionnaires for Mark Hammel, research specialist at New Wave Data, to follow?





Which of the following elements of a questionnaire is designed to apply any restrictions that exist on the desired respondents for the survey?





The brand manager of Wee Won, a brand of stylish infant and toddler clothes sold at upscale shops in urban and suburban settings, has experimented with increasing the price of several items in the Wee Won line. Sales of these items did not decrease with the new, higher prices. It is most accurate to say that Wee Won customers have exhibited:





Which of the following is true about a simple random sampling?





The middle level of brand positioning is:





For a fee, some companies __________ names or symbols previously created by other manufacturers, characters from popular movies and books, or works of art–any of which can provide brand equity.





Managers often start with __________ research and later follow with __________ research.





Of the types of brand loyalty, which one leads to a higher relative price?





Businesses selling to other businesses tend to discuss more __________ when presenting their product and services than business-to-consumer brands do.





Which of the following identifies a major concern regarding Internet marketing research?





The total financial benefit that results from owning a brand is quantified through the process of brand:





Which of the following should a company LEAST expect as a benefit resulting from co-branding?





Which of the following is NOT an aspect of Internet research panel management?





Brand __________ is the set of associations that consumers hold in memory regarding a brand’s features, benefits, users, and perceived quality as a result of prior brand marketing activities.





AMF Research Group must guard against problems during the phase of conducting marketing research for its clients. Which of the following is NOT a problem that should be anticipated for data collected through interviews during this phase?





While preparing the marketing plan for a new product line called Nature& Nurture, Jonas wrote the following: “Nature & Nurture toys provide learning experiences that stimulate young children’s senses and open up a world of discovery for the youngest of learners.” This statement belongs in the __________ section of the marketing plan.





Information about which of the following would MOST likely be included in the marketing mix component of the marketing strategy?





In addition to the elements that are usually included in a business plan, a start-up business would also need to include information on:





Based on the sample in your textbook, which of the following is LEAST likely to be included in an implementation schedule?





Which of the following is a relatively recent development that optimizes the online advertising potential for products and services?





In considering whether to select more than one customer segment as a target market, a company would be LEAST likely to consider which of the following?





__________ is communicating a product or service message to as broad a group of people as possible with the purpose of positively influencing sales.





Which of the following is the BEST advice about business plans for Paul, who has a great idea for a start-up business but will need substantial external financing to get started?





The business segmentation variable of __________ refers to where power resides in an organization.





In a marketing plan, the __________ section includes the anticipated outcomes based on achieving predefined market goals.





Which of the following criteria is it MOST important that a group satisfy in order to be considered a true segment?





Average cost per transaction is needed to determine:





It is most accurate to say that a business plan is used to communicate the performance and direction of a business to:





Which of the following would be listed under a company’s threats in a SWOT analysis?





Which of the following is an example of a strategic question?





Which of the following is the placement of a product or service offering in the minds of consumer targets?





Marketers use demographics and psychographics to:





Television ads, public relations, and promotional events are all examples of:





Which type of market coverage strategy requires a company to have the MOST detailed understanding of its target market?






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