Discuss the Fawcett’s Meta-paradigm of Nursing and relate the paradigm directly to your POI | ASSIGNMENT HELP

For this assignment, you will be further defining your Phenomenon of Interest within a theoretical and scientific framework. The same Phenomenon of Interest (POI) identified in your first written paper should also be used for this assignment. You will begin this paper by providing a concise description of your POI, this information should be a short summary of information your presented in your first paper.

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Next, you will discuss the Fawcett’s Meta-paradigm of Nursing and relate the paradigm directly to your POI. How do the four concepts within the meta-paradigm relate to your POI? Is one more important? Do all four have the same level of importance? You should support this section with peer reviewed references as appropriate. Specifically identify the components of the meta-paradigm within your discussion. Be sure to reference the meta-paradigm appropriately.

Then, you will select both a Grand nursing theory as well as a Middle range nursing theory. Take time to review several examples of each type of theory as the selected theories need to “fit” your POI…and work well together.

Grand theory discussion: identify and discuss the inter-related concepts from your selected theory. What aspects of the nursing meta-paradigm are addressed by your grand theory? Then provide information about how you will view your POI through the lens of the grand theory. How does the theory guide your assessment of the POI? How does the theoretical framework chosen categorize or define your POI? How does the theoretical framework effect your perception of the POI?

Middle range theory discussion: identify and discuss the inter-related concepts within the middle range theory. What aspectsof the nursing meta-paradigm are addressed in the mid-range theory? How will this theory guide your assessment/perception of the POI? How does this mid range theory relate to your grand theory?

Complexity science: how does complexity science relate to your POI? Depending on the nature of your POI, this conversation may have different foci for different students. For example, if your POI is glycemic management of the peri-operative patient, this discussion would center on the complex responses of the human body as a Complex Adaptive System. If your POI is focused on a policy change issue, the focus may be on organizational complexities with communication, change, etc. You must identify a Complex Adaptive System that relates to your POI in this section.

Conclusion: this section should not contain any new information but should only provide a summary of what what discussed in the paper.

A few important points:

Since you are going to be discussing theories within this paper, it is very important to provide the PRIMARY source when referencing the theory either in text and on the reference list. Who wrote the theory? And when was it published? Answer those questions and that is who the citation should be. For example, Roger’s theory of unitary beings should be cited to Rogers, not to a text book or journal article that discusses the theory. If you are having problems locating the original source for the theory, refer to the reference lists with articles or in books that your are reviewing. You will almost certainly find the original source referenced within the article or textbook.
This is a scholarly assignment which means it should be liberally referenced with peer reviewed literature. Support what you say with evidence from the literature. There is no “hard and fast” rule for the number of references to include, but for an assignment of this magnitude, I would say that 10-12 references would be a minimum. There a number of potential references provided for you in the Required readings and resources of this Lesson’s Unit. This should be a great start, but searching the literature for further resources is also going to be required.
A copy of the Turnitin originality report should be merged with you paper prior to submission.


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