Developing Organization Measurement Plan Paper

Developing Organization Measurement Plan Paper

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Submit a brief paper 2-3 pages, double-spaced (not including the reference page) to discuss details for all three parts of the assignment
-Use APA citations, reference page, 12-point font, not title page is required
-Use headings to guide the reader and organize your writing
-Provide supporting research and citations for all constructs/terms defined as part of your proposal

-Having recently heard about the importance of social capital for organizational effectiveness and efficiency, imagine a senior leader at your company approaches you asking about the level of social capital in your organization. The purpose of the project is to answer the question:

“What is the level of engagement of social capital in our organization?”

-As an I/O graduate, you know that you cannot answer her question based on anecdotal or circumstantial evidence and you know this request is very broad. Your answer must be based on data. In order to draw evidence-based insights regarding social capital in your organization, you must determine what data you need and how you will obtain it. Keeping in mind that social capital is a multidimensional construct including factors such as: Developing Organization Measurement Plan Paper

Groups and network alliances
Collective action/cooperation
Social cohesion/inclusion
Information sharing/communication

-You will need to provide a high-level plan at this point to propose to your leadership. Therefore, you will make suggestions about how to proceed with this initiative. To do so, you will start with the following steps to suggest the first portion of an overall plan:

1) Decide on a specific question you want to learn about as it relates to social capital in your organization.
-NOTE: Using “What is the level of social capital in our organization?” is too broad. Perhaps you want to know “How does trust affect diversity and inclusion?” or “What are the gaps in our communication plan that affect our rate of employee retention?” In this way, you will be able to specifically address at least one of the five dimensions in a targeted way. Consider a question that is meaningful to you and/or your organization.

2) Define the scope of the terms in your question: that is, you provide exactly what you will look for when you are searching for “trust” or “diversity” or “communication”. These definitions may be specific to your study’s demands, and/or your organization’s definitions, or yours. Developing Organization Measurement Plan Paper
-List your term definitions separately. These can be in a bulleted list format and should be thorough. Be sure you cite your sources used from peer-reviewed journals.

3)Once you have your question and definitions, outline how you will gather the information to provide the answers. Why will you gather information this way? What do you hope to discover about your question using this method? The four types of data are below:
Archival data (data already collected for other purposes)
Interviews: individual or focus group

-As you are developing your investigative plan, consider its feasibility. Remember, I/O practitioners must often find a balance between research rigor/depth and practicality when collecting data in organizations. Your overall plan should reflect this balance. Developing Organization Measurement Plan Paper

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