COMP 212 Asynchronus Programming Assignment

COMP 212 Asynchronus Programming Assignment

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Exercise 01: Databases which you need for this take home test02 are on e-centennial. [10 marks] 

Create a Windows Form App/WPF to manipulate the data within Books database and displays the results of the following queries: (Refer exercise 01 of Lab Assignment 04 ) 

  1. Get a count of all the authors grouped by title, sorted by title. It should display a title and number of authors who have written that title.
  2. Get a list of all the titles grouped by author name, sorted by author; for a given author name sort the titles alphabetically

Exercise 02: Following is enhancement of exercise 02 of Lab Assignment 04. [15 marks] 

[Build Win Form/WPF app to execute a query against the Players table of the Baseball database. Display the result in a DataGrid, and add a TextBox and Button to allow the user to search for a specific player by last name. Use a Label to identify the TextBox. Clicking the Button should execute the appropriate query. Also, provide a Button that enables the user to return to browsing the complete set of players.] 

Now in addition to above which is exercise 02 of Lab 04, you need to add the following:

  1. Search a record by the Player ID. (add corresponding label and textbox to the existing GUI) b. Display the batting average of all the players. Add appropriate control e.g. a button to the GUI c. Display a name of player who has got the highest batting score.  COMP 212 Asynchronus Programming Assignment

Note: Your Baseball database should have minimum 5 records/players 

Exercise 03: This is based on Asynchronous programming. [25 marks] 

Build a Windows Form App/WPF ( refer the screen shot below. This code example is covered in the class where we are calling asynchronously the Fibonacci method twice with input value of 46 and 45. Also we set up the start time and end time so that we can calculate the time taken by each.

So in this exercise 03, instead of call to Fibonacci(46), you need to define and call Factorial of the number 46, e.g. Factorial(46).Factorial function you have implemented in the Lab assignment 05.

And you need to define and call one more calculation intensive method –void RollDie( int number) which displays that face of a die which appeared highest number of times. For example if you roll a die ( die is six faced cube) 10 times, then your function RollDie will display that which of ( 1, 2,3,4,5,6 ) have appeared maximum number of times. Input to RollDie should be 60,000,000. [Hint: You need to use random function. Also you can use an array where index value is face and value is frequency.] 

So you will be calling the these three methods asynchronously ..

Calculating Factorial(46)

Calculating Fibonacci(45)

Calculating RollDie(60000000).

COMP 212 Asynchronus Programming Assignment

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