Child Development Annotated Bibliography Research Project

Child Development Annotated Bibliography Research Project

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Assignment ~ each student will develop an annotated bibliography that focuses on a particular issue from the course. An annotated bibliography is an expanded version of a bibliography or reference list and includes information about the article or website cited.

  • Your bibliography will include 10 sources and must include articles about your topic of interest from scholarly and/or academic) journals; you must also include 2-3 alternative sources (internet sources, websites, and/or other forms of media e.g. video or audio tapes). You may include one relevant book on your topic –no more than one book, dedicated to the topic of interest to you.
  • After reading each source that will be included in the bibliography you will write a brief statement (annotation) about the article or resource using the template noted below.
  • The annotated bibliography becomes the main body of this project ~ please be sure to follow the guidelines below.

Guidelines ~ the information outlined below will help you complete your assignment:

I     Identify a topic ~ you may focus your annotated bibliography on a developmental or educational issue taken from topics discussed in the text or class assignments.

  1. Developmental issues refer to the process of development (specific areas like language, cognitive or social development) or developmental theory (Vygotsky’s socio-cultural theory of development as it relates to child care or kindergarten; or Erikson’s theory as it applies to toddler development and programs for children under three years of age).
  2. Educational issues focus on the way children learn or the way adults teach young children. You might focus on the value of play in early childhood education or the role of early childhood education programs in child development. You might choose to explore brain development and how it informs teaching or examine particular educational philosophies (for example High Scope Curriculum, Reggio Emilia, or Emergent Curriculum) aspects of Culturally Relevant or Developmentally Appropriate Practices could also be the focus of your bibliography. You could choose to focus on special education or educational strategies for teaching reading or anything that interests you. Child Development Annotated Bibliography Research Project

II    Next, decide what you want to know about your topic, generate a question to research. You will look for information that might shed light on the question you generate. Think about your career goals or interests as they relate to the material in the course, as you develop a question to help focus your research process.

III    Begin the research process – you must use an academic library for this assignment. All GCC students have access to the library on campus both in person and electronically via the internet. Use the databases available through the GCC Library webpage to identify journal articles and other sources of information for your topic. Your bibliography must include 10 sources the majority of which are from scholarly/academic journals. Be sure to include one or two (no more than three) alternative sources (web site, online journal article, video, etc.).

  1. Review the material you find to determine if it is appropriate for your project –read abstracts and the beginning and end of the articles, the first part of the chapter or section in a book, or read the description of the video to determine if the source is directly related to your topic or question.  Does it provide insight or an answer relevant to your topic/question? If yes, then you may include this in your bibliography. If not, keep looking. Be prepared, you will review many more sources then you will eventually include in your project.
  2. Read (or view) all of the sources you have decided to include and, using the template available on the GCC Library website [Annotated Bibliographies]; write a summary to include in your final project. Child Development Annotated Bibliography Research Project

IV    Complete your Research Project Report ~ the report consists of two parts, an introduction and the annotated bibliography.

  1. Introduction ~ at least two pages, not more than 5, the introduction will explain the focus of your bibliography and why you chose this topic. In this section briefly describe your research process (How did you find the sources included in your bibliography?) and what you learned from the research process. This section of your project must be double spaced.
  2. Annotated Bibliography ~ using APA format (a standard citation guide – see the GCC library web site for downloadable guidelines) provide the bibliographic information for each source. Annotations are brief explanations/summaries; yours should be no more than two paragraphs for each citation. Sources must be arranged in alphabetical order. Your annotation of the source appears immediately below the citation. Please single space between each line of your citation; double space between the citation and the annotation and single space between each line of the annotation.

All reports must be submitted on the date indicated on the agenda, please check spelling and grammar before completing your final draft, proofread your project to be sure it says what you mean to say. Include a cover page with your name, title of the report and the date.  Child Development Annotated Bibliography Research Project

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