CHEG 213 Toy Car Speed Design of Experiments

CHEG 213 Toy Car Speed Design of Experiments

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Designing and performing experiments with multiple variables can be tricky and hard to analyze. There is always the option of changing one variable at a time while keeping the other factors constant. However, it might require too many experiments or even lead to a “pseudo-optimal” solutions. Hence, a proper design of experiment (DoE) should be carried out to attain the best results with the least number of experiments and the highest accuracy. Experimental systems can be modeled and optimized through considering them as a black-box; just a correlation between the variables (what is controlled) and the response (what is observed) without knowing the physical or chemical principles governing the process. A DoE can further be used for optimizing such a black-box using response surface methodology (RSM), which is a collection of mathematical and statistical tools. The output of an RSM study can be in the form of 3D plots and/or contour maps, which helps visualizing the response surface, hence the name.  CHEG 213 Toy Car Speed Design of Experiments

There are various DoE types which can be applied, in which some can be applicable to the concerned experimental system. Two-level factorial is among the most abundant methods used as a DoE, which entails varying each variable (n) between two levels yielding 2n number of experiments. Likewise, three-level factorials are used for more accuracy. In general, the more available data points the more accurate is the model produced. There are also special DoE methods for RSM studies, namely central composite design and Box-Behnken design. The choice of the design depends on the nature of the experimental system and the availability of resources.

Many software packages are available for designing and optimizing experiments. In this project, you will learn to perform an RSM study for a factorial-based DoE using Excel software. A worked out problem is first shown to guide you through the procedure. You will then be asked to work on a project in teams.

Worked Out Problem 

A packaging engineer needs to ensure that the seals on plastic bags that hold a product are strong enough to prevent leaks, yet not so strong that the consumer cannot open the bags. The bags keep surgical instruments dry and sterile until someone opens the bags. The engineer wants to optimize the seal strength to between 20 and 32 lbs (lower and upper bounds) with a target of 26 lbs. The engineer also wants to minimize the variability of seal strength so that it is 1 or less. The engineer determines that hot bar temperature, dwell time, and hot bar pressure, are factors that affect the strength of the seal. The engineer also determines that hot bar temperature, dwell time, and material temperature are important factors that affect the variation. The engineer designs a central composite response surface experiment to examine the factors that impact the strength and variability of the seal. The engineer uses the natural log transformation to analyze the variability of the seal.

The engineer collects data and analyzes the design to determine which factors impact seal strength.

Follow the following steps and make sure your reproduce the results obtained with excel. An excel file is provided for your convenience. CHEG 213 Toy Car Speed Design of Experiments

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