Assignment Help | OVERALL GOAL OF YOUR LEGISLATIVE INITIATIVE: A brief overview of your vision for healthcare.


You have been elected 50th President of the “United States of America.” Your party (the “Rational Thought Party”) controls both the US House and Senate (in which you have a filibuster proof majority.) You have been elected with an unprecedented 77% of the popular vote and the vast majority of the Electoral College. In other words, you have been given a clear, unambiguous majority and mandate to address several issues, including the continuing critical issue of healthcare in the United States. Because of the mixed results of the past several election cycles, The ACA has been repealed, but no comprehensive Federal legislative package has taken its place. The Federal Deficit has reached astronomical proportions ($22T), inflation has increased to 12%, and unemployment has remained steady at 9%.

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Your promise to the American people was to develop a legislative agenda which maximizes the provision of quality healthcare to the greatest number of citizens possible. In your first address to the American people, you focus on healthcare. The details of this speech will be crafted into specific legislative proposals in the next few months – be careful with what you propose. You are currently a very popular politician…but we all know how fast that can change.

You will write a 6-9 page speech addressing the following points.

OVERALL GOAL OF YOUR LEGISLATIVE INITIATIVE: A brief overview of your vision for healthcare. Write 1-2 paragraphs for this introductory statement.
STATE-FEDERAL: In your speech, one of the first legislative issues would be how you would address the “states-rights” issues versus “Federal” mandates. For example, would you support an overall, single-payer Federal system (such as a “National Public Health Service”), block-grant healthcare monies to the states for “safety net” programs, such as Medicaid, or remove both state and Federal programs and institute a private, “free-market” system where individuals or employers have access to various insurance plans or fee-for service coverage. Write 3-4 page(s) of your speech addressing this important issue.
CHANGES TO TRADITIONAL PROGRAMS: The legislative triad for the poor and disabled of Social Security, Medicare (Federal-based), and Medicaid (State-based) will run out of funds in the next 7-10 years. With an eye toward critical analysis, you might consider the following issues (or not); would you propose to save the programs, let them expire as government programs and rely on more “private” donations, cut services within current programs to lengthen their longevity, raise revenue (i.e., taxes) in an attempt to continue to fund the programs (remember current inflation rate and unemployment), or some different iteration of fixes. Write 3-4 page(s) of your speech addressing this important issue.


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