ART 573 Early Renaissance Art Research Paper

ART 573 Early Renaissance Art Research Paper

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See syllabus for due date of preliminary topic statement and bibliography; due date of paper.

Write a 6-7 page (graduate students 15-20 page), well-written, focused research paper.  This will necessitate the crafting of your discussion so that you are dealing with a few sharply defined concepts.  Restrict yourself to a discussion of no more than 2 carefully chosen works of art. The most successful papers are often those that concentrate on one or two works and discuss some very specific question or issue relating to them, such as a disagreement among scholars as to the interpretation of the work.  I am not looking for a survey of an artist’s career. Please take a good look at the rubric posted in course documents in the research paper folder.

Your statements must be supported by footnotes.  Use a consistent footnote format, following a good style guide, such as the Chicago Manual of Style, or Kate L. Turabian’s version of that manual.  MLA style is also acceptable, but do not use APA format as that is for the sciences.  Please include a xerox of any image you discuss in your paper. The library has information on this too.

Bibliography:  I expect you to carefully research your topic, and to be using periodical literature as well as books.  There is an excellent bibliography in the back of Hartt and Wilkins, Italian Renaissance Art. Grove Art online, which includes the Oxford Companion to Western Art (OCWA) also has some good introductory biographical material and lists some sources.  It is available in the Art section of the library databases.   ART 573 Early Renaissance Art Research Paper

I have listed a few relevant articles for some topics, but you also need to consult a periodical index such as Art Index,  JSTOR or ITER.  BHA is an excellent database available at UCSD.  Check the bibliographies and footnotes of books and articles for more sources.  Make use of the San Diego Circuit, Link+, interlibrary loan, or go to UCSD library for some of the journals.  Start early, and do not hesitate to recall the books you need. The public libraries are not so useful for college level research. If you get stuck, be sure to ask me for help.

A note on the internet:  There are some wonderful search engines on the internet available through the library, and they can be excellent for getting periodical and monographic citations.  Some scholarly articles can now be downloaded through the library. Most of the information freely available on the net is high-school level encyclopedia information, not suitable as a source for an upper division college paper.  In general, be aware that anyone can set up a website, even your next door neighbor’s ten year old son, so check the authority of internet sources carefully.

No internet sources should be used for this paper.  There should be 4-5 minimum scholarly sources in your bibliography. ART 573 Early Renaissance Art Research Paper

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