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Analyzing the Policy


Analyzing the Policy

A policy is the deliberate system that is normally used for the purpose of giving certain guidelines on decisions to be taken and their rational results to be achieved. Policy is a declaration of commitment that is applied as a procedure or protocol. The senior governance of any organization is charged with the mandate of forming and implementing a given policy. Polices are vital in any kind of organization for they contribute to the subjective and objective decision making. There are various types of polices which are made according to the role they will be playing and who will be implementing them. Policies can be grouped in various groups according to the way they are formed and the work they usually do. The main groups for polices are distributive, redistributive, regulatory and constituent among others. There are more specific types of polices which are privacy policy, public policy, defense policy, domestic policy, economic policy, education policy, monetary policy, population policy, health policy, security policy, social policy and water policy among others.

Health policy is statement that contains certain decisions, plans or actions which have been formulated for the aim of ensuring that health care goals have been achieved in the society and country as a whole. Health policy has several stakeholders which are involved in its formation and implementation in any state (Starfield & Shi, 2002). Health policy differs from one nation to another depending on what contained in the statement and who it refers to. Health policy was formed so that it could help in executing and improving the health status of the community. The health policy has various polices within itself which include pharmaceutical policy and public health which has polies like vaccination policy, tobacco control policy and breast feeding promotion policy. Health policy has both national and decentralized levels which affect the working of it and service provision.

There are main reasons why the health policy was formulated and those responsible works towards its achievement. The main purpose of the Health policy is to enhance and promote the health status of the members of the community with ensuring that quality health care services are availed to the public with least cost possible. Health policy promotes healthy living among community hence increased productivity due to high levels of health. The purpose of this policy is to actually define the vision of the future of the country and world as whole concerning the aspects of health of its people. Health policy is used to speculate and predict the actual status of the country or world in the near future regarding what’s happening now. Health policy has the aim of outlining the priorities and the expected functions of different groups which it has to play to the society when it comes to executing the health duties.

The background of the problem is that the health policy must pay attention to the multiple levels; national or decentralized level of health systems to ensure that there is sustainable scale up in health sector. The issue comes in when dealing with the objective and goals of health policy which is very different according to the different levels involved in the same policy. Each level demands doing things in different ways yet they should work together.

The recommendations and suggestions to solve problems are that there be formed a supportive policy environment which will ensure that there is the scale-up of health interventions. The supportive policy environment will help the health policy to have harmony when dealing with the different levels involved in this policy hence work for common goal of ensuring health population is attained (Umberson & Montez, 2010). Comment by RHUMPHRE: This summary does not comply because it is three paragraphs too long. The summary should be one page and it assess your ability to state the policy concisely.

The health policy has various stakeholders who are involved in making the strategy a success. Health policy contains various players who are involved in different stages involved in implementing it. Health policy has official, unofficial and other interest groups who work for its common good. The officials involved in the health policy are very important for they facilitate the working and implementation of this policy. The officials in the health policy form the first line of health care service delivery (Victora, Barreto, do Carmo Leal, Monteiro, C. A., Schmidt, Paim & Lancet Brazil Series Working Group, 2011). There are unofficial members of the health care policy which forms the second line in the policy are also of great help for without them the policy may not be very effective in its working. The interested groups in the health policy are all other parties which are not actively involved in this policy but their presence are very importance for in one way or another they regulate its working and works to challenge it.

The players can be official, unofficial and other interest groups. The official players involved in the health policy are; patients, physicians, health insurance industry, hospital, government,Medical Professionals, Other Health Care Providerspharmaceutical companies, medical schools, labor unions, Protective Associations and Societies, Professional Licensing Bodies and Associations. The unofficial players are; employers, students of health care and community among others. The other interest groups like Non- Governmental Organization, researchers in the medicine field and the public among others. Comment by RHUMPHRE: These are likely to be unofficial actors. Comment by RHUMPHRE: Unofficial actors

There are various roles and functions which are played by the partakers in the health policy. Each player in this policy is important for there are duties and responsibilities of each. The role and function of the official players is to ensure that the policy is implemented as required. The physicians are involved in providing, enhancing and promoting the health care services to the patients for improved healthy living. The patients are the main victims who visit health care facility to get health care services. They play the role of being key players in excising the treatment. Medical Professionals are important for they work towards implementing the goals and objectives of the health policy. The pharmaceutical companies ensure they provide the best drugs that are needed for the recovery of the patients. Protective Associations and Societies and Professional Licensing Bodies and Associations work to ensure the goals of the policy have been achieved. Comment by RHUMPHRE: Primary function is to officially enact the policy (Legislative and Executive). Secondary function is to implement it (Executive with Legislative oversight)

The role and functions of unofficial players are to facilitate the implementation of the policy. The unofficial members of the health policy work towards ensuring they coordinate with the official partners for the achievements and implementation of the policy. The community will work with the help of the physicians to ensure all preset goals and objectives stipulated in the health policy have been achieved. The interested groups like the Non- Governmental Organization, researchers in the medicine field are also important in the health policy. Non- Governmental Organization sometimes play the role of financing most of the goals and tasks of the health policy so that it can be achieved without huge burdens in terms of finances. Researchers add more information on what they get as right after doing through investigation in the field of healthcare (Buse, Mays & Walt, 2012). By doing the research, they will be helping in implementing and achieving the goals of health policy.

The players of the health policy are very important for each contribute positively towards making the program a success. The players which are official, unofficial and interest groups have some of the political influence caused by each of them. The political influences of these players have differing motives, conflicts, interrelationships, and impacts to each.

The official players have influence on politic concerning the health policy. Motives of the politics on the official players are to reform the health care delivery in the society. The political figures want to change the way those who are directly affected by the health care policy how the implement it. Conflicts are that they have varying ideas and points of view when it comes to the implementation of the policy. Some of the politicians have personal interests to be considered in the health policy. Interrelationships between the official members of the health policy and the political figures have been on high controversy due to varying ideas (Blank & Burau, 2013). The impacts on the policy are that it has been able to improve in provision of health care services although it’s facing a lot of challenges from politics. The interested group players also influence the politics concerning the health policy. Motives of this group are to implement and make it better for the more efforts they show. Conflicts are that they don’t work with the same idea they have conflicting ideas. The impacts on the policy are high controversy when administering health care services.

In conclusions, health policy is very important for it helps to improve the living standards of the members of the community. Health care services should be provided at affordable prices and which are of high quality. Health policy has various stakeholders who are the official, unofficial, and interest groups who work together for the common good. Comment by RHUMPHRE: This essay does not meet rubric requirements as follows:(a) needs more and better references(b) needs a more concise policy summary(c) needs a more focused compare and contrast between two of the actors involved with the policy. Revise for Assignment 3.

References Comment by RHUMPHRE: References Guidance for Reference Section:>> You have used 5 references of which 3 are credible and current. I cannot tell if the other two are peer reviewed.>> Credible sources come from academic journals. Newspapers, books, and websites can give valuable background but they are not always credible sources. >> APA Guidelines may be found at Place all references in alphabetical order

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